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ABIS submits Project Proposal to develop next Generation of High Performing and Socially Sustainable Workspaces

ABIS in collaboration with the TUM - Technische Universität München, Germany submitted the EU project proposal ‘CloudCraft’ to develop the next generation of cloud-based mini-factories. The proposal is worth a total of 6 million euros and was developed in collaboration with a consortium of 23 members.

CloudCraft: Development of new manufacturing methods to produce affordable products or services is becoming more attractive owing to globalization and technology breakthroughs like cloud computing and 3-D printing. As the production process becomes more adaptable, efficient, decentralized, the cost for producing highly customized products will be reduced. The key elements of the project consist of analyzing and developing the third generation of workspaces and ‘mini-factories’ to create personalized products and services.

Based on the nature of decentralized manufacturing, the workspace will allow products and services to be co-created and produced closed-loop in the vicinity of the customer. Apart from obtaining highly customized and decentralized production capability, the workspace will also allow the utilization and preservation of the knowledge of the aging workforce who are, highly skilled and specialized mastered craftsmen, engineers, technicians especially in the SME sectors that represent the backbone of the European industry. The project will also explore the potential allocation of the workspace in complementary organizational, social and city planning aspects.

The Call: The proposal responded to the Call Factories of the Future 10 of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework. Find out more about Factories of the Future here.

The ABIS central team would like to thank Professor Dr. Thomas Linner and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Ringelhan and Dr. Ludwig Roger for their leading role in the writing and coordination processes. ABIS would like to thank the members of the consortium for the incredible work they have delivered.

  • If your organisation or institution wishes to take advantage of the experience of ABIS in shaping and coordinating EU or international research proposals, please contact: Dr. Ludwig Roger, Manager EU Projects and Funding  
  •  Find out more about ABIS projects here
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