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ABIS is publishing a Special issue with Emerald Group Publishing

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that we partnered up with Emerald Group Publishing to create a Special Issue on Business in Society: Measuring Impact and Creating Change for the Journal Corporate Governance - The international journal of business in society.

The first day of our 18th Annual Colloquium (29th of October) will be dedicated to the accepted authors from our Call for Papers, who will be presenting their paper proposals and continue the process to publish their full papers succesfully  in our Special Issue.

There is a lack of a common standard for measuring business impact and externalities on society and nature. The amount and quality of information provided by companies varies. It remains very complicated to measure and understand a company’s biodiversity footprint and the same applies for social impact indicators. This is also problematic for investors, which find it extremely difficult to direct funding to companies which represent good investments in the longterm – for both shareholders and society. This represents challenges that business are facing in maximizing their positive impact on society. Advancing the role of business in society requires more relevant research, knowledge and new management and leadership skills, mindsets and capabilities.

The Special Issue seeks to advance our knowledge on the state-of-the art of business in society and how impact measurement and the growing role of investors and start-ups can further accelerate positive impact and create value for society.

We would like to thank Ivo Matser, Yury E. Blagov, Thomas Osburg and Boleslaw Rok for agreeing to be the Guest Editors for the ABIS Special Issue.

Find out the full programme of our Colloquium and register. 

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