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ABIS in collaboration with ESADE submitted EU project proposals worth EUR 2.5 million

ABIS in collaboration with ESADE, submitted on May 28 one EU project proposals worth a total of EUR 2.5 million in collaboration with a consortium of 9 ABIS Members.

The Call

Meeting the challenges of the ageing population and a transformation into a more sustainable social and economic model, characterised by growing scarcity of resources, greater consideration for the natural environment, living under a shifting climate with uncertain consequences, and more gender equality, necessitates profound changes in the European society concerning our lifestyles, consumption patterns, the way we do business, develop our cities and design our homes, but also the way we build and govern our societies, forge intra- and intergenerational relations and organise our daily lives. The current generations of young people are at the heart of it, as they grow up and get educated in the society of new paradigms where, contrary to the situation their parents and grandparents faced, rapid population ageing is a reality and sustainability is at the top of the agenda, especially with rapid development of emerging economies.

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Project Idea 

Young people are a source of innovation and knowledge.

That is why their development cannot be understood as merely part of the biological process or as a stage of transition to adulthood. There currently prevails an "adult-centrist" vision that prevents leveraging the information they give us and placing young people, not as far as a collective to be especially protected, but as a driver of change. Through this project, we suggest exploring, explaining and enhancing the role of young people in the construction and development of a Resilient Europe. We argue that young people offer great potential for innovative, sustainable and inclusive growth in the coming years, which is largely untapped and unexplored. While acknowledging the values, expectations, norms and attitudes of young people and how they put them into practice, we want to investigate pathways towards a sustainable society, which is more people-centered.

We aim to gain a better understanding of young people as an active force of development with a special emphasis on the domains of business, work, lifestyles and socio-politic participation, as they are currently the main drivers of social growth.


The ABIS team would like to thank Prof. Esther Sanchez Torres, Victoria Cochrane, Prof. Obeso Abalde, Carlos and Dr. Ludwig Roger for their leading role in the writing and coordination processes. We would also like to thank the rest of the Members of the consortia for the incredible work they have delivered.

  • If your organisation or institution wishes to take advantage of the experience of ABIS in shaping and coordinating EU or international research proposals, please contact: Dr. Ludwig Roger, Manager EU Projects and Funding.
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