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ABIS adopts new digital approach to connect intelligence and ideas

Monday, September 1, 2014

ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society has always been at the forefront of business- academic collaboration to build a more sustainable future. As the ABIS network moves into its second decade, it is imperative that the global network is interlinked and supported by the latest technologies. To enhance the ABIS network, a new website has been launched which will be central to its digital communication and outreach to its members and wider audiences across the business in society field.

ABIS recognizes the need for digital platforms that connect and convene intelligence and ideas from our members around the world.  As a first step, ABIS will launch an exclusive Members Area (to be launched in late September) which will enable its members to share ideas and best practice, access publications, reports and identify experts and strengthen international cooperation within the network to tackle challenges and pave the way towards a sustainable future.

Featuring a comprehensive library of publications, news updates, event registration and a new look, the website will also showcase the hidden treasures of ABIS to the rest of the world.

ABIS invites visitors to the website to learn more about the ABIS network at its Annual Colloquium "Transforming Tomorrow: Leadership for a Sustainable Future" hosted by University of Cambridge, UK on 10-11 December. Register yourself here.

ABIS invites its members and friends to discover the new website and provide feedback and ideas for future innovation.



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