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Comillas Pontifical University

The Comillas Pontifical University mission has always been based on a combination of the educational experience built up over our extensive history and constant evolution in response to social change. Comillas has indeed always worked in ongoing and close collaboration with business-related, professional and social organizations.

This is why in 2002 the Chair for Ethics in Business and Economics was established. Since the beginning, the main purpose of this research group has been to bridge the relationship between the academic and business worlds, fostering the debate around ethical and socially responsible management. The Chair's mission is ‘to create a framework for fostering research, debate and reflection around the corporate contribution to a more sustainable world from a business ethics approach’.

Programs in the field of business in society

Facts and figures

  • Master's Degree in International Development Cooperation
  • PhD in Business and Regional Competitiveness, Innovation and Sustainability
  • PhD in International Migration and Development Cooperation
  • Erasmus Mundus Joint PhD in Sustainable Energy
  • Specialized Summer Course in Sustainability
  • Over 10.000 enrolled students (April 2015)
  • Promoter of the Aristos Campus Mundus project, committed to responsible and sustainable social innovation
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