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Webinar on Anonymity of Data

Friday, March 8, 2019



We would like to invite all our members to ABIS Webinar on Anonymity of Open Data on 08.03.2019 at 2:00 pm (GMT+1). The main speaker of our webinar will be Marc Fiammante, Distinguished Engineer & Leader of the Europe Federal CTO team, IBMThe webinar is primarily open to our members, but we accept everybody who would like to be part of it and engage in the discussions during QA section of our webinar.

The Webinar builds on the discussions from our Digitalization track at Colloquium 2018, with a more precise and detailed topic: Anonymity of Open Data:

“While privacy vulnerabilities on the web are not a new topic, recent research and incidents like the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal have renewed attention to issues around data anonymity, protection, regulation and enforcement. In particular, so-called ‘anonymous’ data can be easily cross-referenced, reverse-engineered and used to identify users and everything from medical records to purchase histories without consent. This data might be used by commercial entities to link an anonymous person with a real identity – something that is lucrative for advertisers, for example, or useful for political campaigns. As people spend more of their lives online and as governments and organizations make big data available, seemingly innocuous information can be traced back to individuals and violate their privacy in unexpected ways. Regulation attempts such the General Data Protection Regulation aim to push more legal responsibility on the “custodians” of data (governments, researchers and companies), while some voices propose that instead of releasing large data sets, researchers and governments should develop interfaces that allow others to ask questions of the data without accessing the raw files. How can we all benefit from the potential of big data, while minimizing the privacy and anonymity risks?”


The webinar will take up to one hour. The topic will be presented in 15-20 minutes supported by other experts in the field with a QA section afterwards. 

Call for Experts

We are looking for researchers that are experts in this topic, especially if they wrote or co-worked on a research paper about K-anonymity, that are willing to share their knowledge, insights and experience during our webinar. Please write an email to: until 22.02. and include:

  • A short bio about you ( a short paragraph, 5 sentences)
  • Relevance to the topic above with the name of the research paper you worked on

 Important remarks:

  • Sending the email is not considered a formal commitment, but an expression of interest to take part in the webinar.
  • The selection of experts to take part in the webinar will be made by ABIS. 


Please feel free to join our LinkedIn group on Digitalization that we just opened for the purpose to create a trusted space for professionals to help and support one another in open discussions revolving around Digitalization (Business Model Innovation, Anonymity of Data and more). We would like to encourage the members of the group to start conversational topics, ask questions and comment on each other posts. The group is open to anybody who is willing to further their professional network, build their personal brand and increase their industry knowledge by sharing their insights, experience and knowledge in Digitalization.


Recording from the webinar

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