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ReTrace Project Meeting with Industry

Monday, May 11, 2020
Rue des Tanneurs 60A, 1000 Brussels , Belgium

ABIS will host a ReTrace (Realizing the Transition to the Circular Economy)  project meeting in order for the Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) to present their research activity to the practitioners and industry. 

The project meeting will be attended by the 15 Early-Stage Researchers (ESR) of the project, the Advisory Board and the members in the consortium from the University og Sheffield, Universita Degli Studi di Napoli Parthenope, Universitaet Kassel, SEERC, Hogskolan Dalarna, University of Kent, Tata Steel UK, Olympia Electronics and Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam and other partners of the project from academic institutions, local and governmental authorities and private organisations. Experts from policy and business will be invited to the meeting in order 

The project meeting will take place for 2 days on 11 - 12.05.202 and will be connected to the ABIS Knowledge Into Action Forum 2020 with the annual General Assembly. The two events will be closely intertwined by the common focus on Circular Economy and the attendance to ReTrace meeting includes a free participation in the Knowledge Into Action Forum. 

About ReTrace:

The main aim of the ReTraCE project is the creation of a cohort of professionals capable of driving the transition towards the Circular Econmy (CE) employable not only by research institutions, but also by public sector bodies (local authorities and national agencies) and manufacturing/service sectors (such as the ones represented in the consortium, including: metals industry; electric and electronic equipment manufacturing; construction materials; waste management).

The main innovation proposed by the project will be the development of a holistic approach for evaluating and realising the transition towards the Circular Economy, involving knowledge and methodologies from multiple domains (including Supply Chain Management, Environmental Science, Environmental and Ecological Economics, Science and Technology Studies, Innovation Studies) and addressing economic, environmental and social issues. The trans-national, multi-disciplinary, multi-sector, multi-stakeholder approach proposed in this project aims to bridge the main gap in research dealing with the CE paradigm, that, to date has been characterised by a “silo” approach that has undermined theoretical development and knowledge transfer to practitioners

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