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Max Havelaar Lecture 2014: Young *** Fair. Will Generation Y make a difference?

Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Erasmus University Rotterdam - Building C, Room CB-1 , The Netherlands
Radical innovations and game-changing solutions are necessary to force industries and economies to change. But who will lead this change? Entrepreneurial skills and new, fast and global communication via internet - combined with the unique ability to inspire and engage others for a common good - Generation Y seems to hold a lot of potential. In the telephone industry, initiatives from young leaders like Phoneblocks and Fair Phone have proven that sustainable and fair production is possible. Since it’s their future at risk, young leaders are obviously motivated. And their successful initiatives proof this generation’s ability to tackle environmental and social issues through business and entrepreneurship. The Seventh Max Havelaar lecture will focus on how these new and exciting entrepreneurial activists will make a difference.
The Max Havelaar lecture stimulates the thinking on poverty issues in a balanced manner, without making use of the usual simplifications either in support or against the involvement of firms in development. The Max Havelaar Foundation is proof of this approach: it is aiming at a continuous improvement in its strategy towards labelling products – increasingly in a variety of partnerships with NGOs, corporations and governments.
ABIS Director General Simon Pickard will be one of the esteemed speakers at the event. 
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