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ABIS / CANDRIAM - Management Tools For Sustainable Assessment

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Candriam Offices , Belgium

Seminar for CSR officers and senior experts to discover a new sustainability assessment methodology offering rankings for companies within ten industry sectors.

What Is The Tool?

A sustainability assessment methodology has been developed over several years by Candriam Investors Group (formerly known as Dexia Asset Management) in on-going dialogue with an independent Advisory Board including representatives of Vlerick Business School, University of Geneva and ABIS – The Academy of Business in Society.

The results deliver deep insight, an embedded approach and the possibility to change towards better performance of business in society.

What Is Unique About This New Insight?

A methodology developed between business and academia capable of quantifying and assessing sustainability risks and opportunities from a business portfolio (macro) and stakeholder management (micro) perspective.

Ten industry sectors are analysed, and sustainability rankings are created for each company including updates.

What Is Unique About This Event?

The seminar will immerse managers in the sustainability assessment methodology through detailed examples. The managers will understand the sustainability of the sector in which they operate (Macroanalysis), receiving a descriptive list for positioning the sector in the megatrends. The managers will discover the sector’s best practices in terms of stakeholder management (Microanalysis). They will be able to apply the methodology based on the information received. 

Who Should Attend?

CSR officer, CFO and senior experts within the companies engaged in sustainability ranking and its relation to financial performance.

In order to expand synergies, ABIS invites the CSR officer to bring one to two additional people from their own company or out of their value chain relations with interest in the topic.

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