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Info Session - ABIS Sustainability Assessment

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

The Info Session on the ABIS Sustainability Assessment will provide a quick overview of the management model designed to integrate sustainability in higher education institutions (HEIs) to report on:

  1.  The actual status of sustainability implementation at institutional and academic level
  2. How to effectively enable sustainability initiatives
  3. The impact of sustainability actions on the institution's stakeholders
  4. Suggestions for priorities in developing sustainability strategies

The 1 hour session will be held on April 25th at 14:00 CET. The agenda is as follows:

  1. A short introduction and a guide of the model - explanation of its framework
  2. The process from the beginning to the end of obtaining this Sustainability Assessment for HEI
  3. Testimonials from our pilot academic institutions
  4. Q&A

The event is FREE for anybody to attend! Register here!

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