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AoM Workshop: Innovating for Sustainability (I4S)
ABIS GlobalEventsAoM Workshop: Innovating for Sustainability (I4S)

AoM Workshop: Innovating for Sustainability (I4S)

ABIS-led Innovation for Sustainability (I4S) project workshop at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM)

Date 5 August 2016
Host Academy of Management (AoM)
Venue Grand Ballroom Salon H, Anaheim Marriott
Focus Innovating for Sustainability: The State of the Art and Beyond

ABIS-led Innovation for Sustainability (I4S) project will underpin our first ever workshop at this year’s Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM) in Anaheim, California on August 5.

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Roundtable Activating Papers

Led by Taryn Mead

"Biomimicry as an Approach to Sustainability-Oriented Innovation in Multinational Corporations"

Biomimicry, the practice of learning from nature for design and innovation, has gained significant traction in recent decades and is increasingly popular amongst corporate innovation managers.  This roundtable will discuss factors that contribute to the success of biomimicry as a corporate innovation strategy and case examples of its impacts on the regeneration of socioecological systems.


Led by Monique de Ritter

“Business Model Innovation in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems for Sustainable Change”

Entrepreneurs are business model innovators and therefore important actors to generate innovation and change. However, often entrepreneurs lack the resources and knowledge to create fundamental sustainable change on their own. Therefore, it is argued, thinking and working in entrepreneurial ecosystems is of key importance to create larger scale sustainable impact. However, what are the characteristics of such entrepreneurial ecosystems to indeed have this potential?


Led by Amanda Williams

“Inter-organizational dynamics as a driver of sustainability transformations”

Collaboration is essential for driving transformations towards sustainability.  The dynamics of inter-organizational relations are complex and call for scholarly attention.  This roundtable will discuss such issues as, what is the value of networks or innovation platforms for sustainability? What are the drivers of cross-scale change? What are the dynamics of collaboration and competition?


Led by Lara Hale

“Experimental Innovation in the Built Environment”

As new governance modes interweave the activities of industry and governments, experimentation becomes a significant pathway for the emergence of innovative standards and norms that further sustainability across the built environment. Standards are key tools for influencing practice, and ultimately legislation, in the building industry; and experimentation with these standards in building demonstration projects exposes the dynamics between user values and defaults. This roundtable will discuss some of the challenges of governing through standards, learning experiences and innovation within large-scale experimentation, and the interplay between voluntary rules and consumers."


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