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Building on the discussions started at Colloquium 2018, we would like to inform that ABIS will be hosting series of Webinars this spring - February, March and April. We are planning to have two Webinars per each track from Colloquium 2018: Circular Economy, Digitalization and Sustainable Finance.

As at Colloquium 2018, each Webinar will be led by one of our corporate members. Circular Economy will be led by Solvay; Digitalization by IBM and Sustainable Finance by ING. The goal of the Webinars is to address specific issues and challenges that could be approached by involving corporates and academic institutions in a collaboration or project at any stage of maturity. The discussions from the Webinars will have the possibility to be continued at KIAF 2019 in May in the form of accelarion workshops or meeting with the experts. 

We are looking for researchers from our partners and members, who would be interested to share their insights and showcase their research papers on the mentioned topics. 

If you are interested in participating, please send your research papers to Katarina Haluskova:

In the email please mention: 

  • Which topic you are interested in joining.
  • What is the exact research paper you are/were working on.

Important remarks:

  • Getting in contact with us is not considered a formal commitment, but an expression of interest to take part in the Webinar series.
  • The final selection of experts to take part in the Webinars will be made by ABIS after considering the sequence and possibility of continuity. 

We will be shortly sharing more details such as the dates of each Webinar and the subtopics.

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