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ABIS Thought Leadership Round Table - Leadership & Technology

Friday, March 7, 2014
Brussels, Johannesburg, London, Lille, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore , Multiple Locations


Technological advancements within global organisations have created the possibility to manage international teams, utilize global supply chains, and reach international markets. The new opportunities that this global environment presents can only be meaningfully utilised if business leaders are skilled in various forms of stakeholder engagement, facilitated via diverse communication platforms. Leaders also have to understand the sustainability-related challenges that their organisations face. To interact with the various parts of their increasingly complex organisations and stakeholder networks, business leaders have come to employ a vast range of new communication technologies, including email, teleconferencing, telepresence rooms, websites, social media, blogs and other discussion forums. Unfortunately few leaders are prepared for the challenges these tools present. Leaders have to gauge the intercultural dimensions of such communications, as well as the ethical and reputational risks and opportunities. In fact, leading in this environment may require a redefinition of leadership as such.

Key discussion points

  • Highlighting the most important leadership capacities for creating sustainable and ethical global organisations
  • Aligning leadership’s messages between internal and external stakeholders
  • Dealing with the challenges of space and time: speed, time-zones etc.
  • Technology as key asset in managing leadership challenges in global organizations


Speakers will include Vinod Kumar (CEO of TataCommunications), John Hayduk (Tata CTO), Professor Mollie Painter-Morland (Nottingham Business School) and Matt Gitsham (Director of the Centre for Business and Sustainability at Ashridge Business School).

Date: Friday 7 March 2014

Venue: Telepresence rooms in Brussels, Johannesburg, London, Lille, Paris, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore. The rooms are located in hotels in these cities (details to follow– 6 seats each)

Start-time: 7pm Singapore – noon Brussels – 11am London

Timeframe: 2 hours


Part 1: 50 minutes 

  • Part 1a: Keynote by Vinod Kumar (CEO of TataCommunications) (15-20 minutes)
  • Part 1b: Interactive discussion between an academic expert and Tata CTO, John Hayduk (10-15 minutes each)


Part 2: 1 hour

Panel with a few academics providing perspectives on specific risks and opportunities in the technological environment, and group discussion

  • Leadership imperatives re. Ethics and sustainability
  • Challenges: Speed, space, content
  • Opportunities: Stakeholder engagement

Participants in discussion: Academics and other experts from the ABIS network and C-suite executives invited by Tata and ABIS

This event is invitation-only. 

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