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ABIS Thought Leadership Round Table - Sustainable Portfolio Management

Monday, June 16, 2014
Maison Solvay , Belgium

ABIS 4th Round Table will draw on the knowledge and experience of Solvay, who are kindly hosting the event. Attendees will learn about different case studies, projects and tools Solvay has used to balance the portfolio on the sustainable perspective.

What Is Unique About These Round Tables?   

ABIS has developed a standard format for their Thought Leadership Round Tables, designed to provide the maximum interaction and benefit to all participants.  Attendees are selected to provide a mix of academic and corporate backgrounds, with each person contributing their own experience in the specific topic.

There are three distinct phases to the event. Initially there are short introductory presentations by selected experts, followed by a moderated panel discussion. In the third phase, the moderator widens the discussion to enable all participants to express their views and to pose questions to the speakers.

What Is Unique About This Event?

Before opening the discussion to all participants of the Round Table, attendees will learn of a Solvay case study based on a new bio-based process producing epichlorohydrin developed by Solvay a few years ago. Epicerol is an innovative project that serves as an example when it comes to integrating environmental concerns into the strategic decision making processes. This integration is achieved through The Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) methodology, which is today’s Group standard for sustainability assessments of its business portfolio. The SPM tool is aimed at visualising the risks and opportunities associated with the sustainability megatrends so that appropriate strategic decisions can be taken to balance the portfolio on the sustainable perspective, this being along two main axes:

  • The financial risks and opportunities linked to the environmental footprint of its manufacturing activities;
  • The opportunities and risks from a market perspective, by materialising the extent to which customers and/or consumers acknowledge that a given product is eventually part of the solution they are seeking in order to address their own environmental concerns.

Among the key speakers and panelists at the event will be:

  • Jan Noterdaeme, Senior Adviser on External Relations, CSR Europe (Moderator)
  • Prof. Kevin Jackson, Daniel Janssen Chair, Solvay Business School
  • Dominique Debecker, Sustainable Portfolio Management Officer, Solvay
  • Charlotte Bande, Research Assistant Solvay Business School

Who Should Attend? 

Given the focus, we aim to target C-suites, learning officers and senior experts within the companies in related fields and therefore not limit the event to the CSR officers only.

In order to expand synergies, we invite all interested business members to bring 1 to 2 additional people from their own company or out of their value chain relations with interest in the topic.

ABIS academic members, expert in the field, will also be invited to participate and to contribute to the debate.

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