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ABIS-CEDEP Symposium for Corporate Members: Management Development Across the Corporation - Rescheduled for Q1 2015

Friday, November 7, 2014
CEDEP Campus, Boulevard de Constance, 77305 Fontainebleau Cedex , France

Q1 2015, ABIS & CEDEP will organise a corporate workshop around the theme of “Towards Global Consistency of Management Development Across the Corporation”. For organizations operating in multiple countries, cultures and institutional environments, talent management is complicated. Companies need to figure out how to respond to local demands while maintaining a coherent HR strategy and management approach.

By extension, a growing number of companies are rethinking fundamental aspects of their core business in response to societal issues, sustainability challenges and regulatory developments which are reshaping their global business context. Building strategic capabilities and human capital to manage a more sustainable enterprise is increasingly vital.

While locally adapted approaches create opportunities for diverse talent pools, they limit a company's ability to build on its global learning in hiring, assessing, developing and retaining top global talent. This requires more integration across business units, and a closer alignment with corporate strategy and sustainability objectives.

Companies that find a balance between global standardization and integration and local implementation have the best of both worlds. They can align their talent management practices with both local and global needs, resulting in a deep, diverse talent pool which is committed to shared value creation as well as high business performance. The objective of the ABIS-CEDEP workshop is to explore new approaches to achieving this in a high level, peer-to-peer learning environment.

Who should attend?

The target audience for this event is executives or managers in charge of global or regional talent and HR development functions, as well as corporate sustainability leaders interested in the human capital side of delivering on strategic goals and targets.

Why attend?

This will be a unique opportunity of dialogue and experimentation to understand how strategy, leadership, talent development and sustainability align to drive future business performance and success.

Contact person at CEDEP: Brigitte Poulain 

Contact person at ABIS:  Simon Pickard 

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