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ABIS GlobalEventsThe 4th Ashridge International Research Conference

The 4th Ashridge International Research Conference

Friday, June 12, 2015
Ashridge, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire HP4 1NS , United Kingdom

Leadership, Management, Innovation in Professional and Knowledge-Intensive Organisations: People and process challenges in the global knowledge economy


Changes in technological, social and economic environments pose significant challenges for leadership and management of organisations, departments and administrations in knowledgeintensive, creative or professional industries, activities and services (in short, “KI” services/organisations). In knowledge-intensive activities and services, people are the organisation’s primary assets. Increasingly, people’s knowledge, experience and creativity form the backbone of the organisation’s success and leading and managing them to achieve their potential is of key importance, as is the retention of developed knowledge professionals over time.

Growth of KI organisations (KIOs) also depends crucially on management’s ability to give leadership in a way that supports knowledge-intensive teamwork. The global nature of much knowledge and of knowledge networks and the ambitions of KI firms to expand globally add to the leadership challenge, bringing into focus both cultural differences and other international business issues such as the protection of intellectual property rights and retaining your best talent. The leadership and management challenges of knowledge asset value creation are also mirrored in public sector organisations, creative industries and R&D organisations.


Who should attend?

This conference is aimed at leaders, managers, heads of unit, and HR directors. It is also ideal for all those
who want to have a better understanding of the specificities of a knowledge industry, organisational form
and structure, or people management.


Further information

An outline programme will be published in May 2015:
We welcome the submission of policy papers, advanced work in progress, proposals for sessions,
workshops or panels, and full research papers on the conference theme.

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