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20th ABIS Annual Colloquium 2021
ABIS GlobalEvents20th ABIS Annual Colloquium 2021

20th ABIS Annual Colloquium 2021

Driving impact through responsible investing

The conference will create a dialogue between practitioners and academics about theoretical and practical challenges centering on the question: how to enhance positive business impact on society through responsible investing?

Date 23 November 2021
Host The Academy of Business in Society
Venue Hybrid
Focus Responsible investing, sustainable finance

In recent times, we have seen significant developments in responsible investing. First, the uptake of ESG criteria in finance and business has seen unprecedented acceleration. Once considered “niche” strategies, ESG adoption is now widespread and mainstream. The growth of responsible investing was also influenced by the 2030 Agenda and, in particular, the Paris Agreement that led to commitments to align financial flows with the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In the EU context, the European Green Deal and EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy have promoted an ambitious package of measures. Over the past year, the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic further exposed the dire need for investments supporting a resilient economy and society. Public recovery programs have been impressive. However the scale of the investment challenge calls for the financial sector to continue to step up, to further take responsibility and reorient investments to incentivize sustainable business practices, low-carbon and circular solutions, and societal wellbeing. During the event, we aim to examine the following:

  • Is there alignment among business and investors on investing in sustainable activities?
  • What are the challenges and the opportunities of responsible investing?
  • How to define positive business impact and incentivize it via responsible investing?
  • What is the role of academia in this process?

The event will also mark 20 years from the foundation of ABIS - The Academy of Business in Society. Founded by major companies and leading business schools, the initiative was driven by a shared belief that advancing the role of business in society required more relevant research and knowledge and leadership capabilities. We will also take a moment to reflect on our role as a network today, and way forward.

Who is it for? 

The conference targets:

  • Responsible investing professionals
  • Business practitioners
  • Sustainable finance, business and management scholars

who are concerned about sustainability, social and environmental impacts of business activities as well as financial systems. The event is an opportunity for them to engage with each other, learn and discuss the latest insights and developments. Attendance is free for ABIS members.

Call for papers 

In order to strengthen the dialogue between practitioners and academics about theoretical and practical challenges on enhancing positive business impact on society through responsible investing, ABIS invites invites academic researchers and practitioners to submit papers on the following topics:

  • ESG investing and risk management
  • ESG‐related regulatory developments
  • Transition risks
  • Responsible investing and the SDGs
  • ESG investment performance compared to non-ESG
  • ESG Engagement strategies
  • Measuring non-economic impact
  • Corporate reporting (e.g. TCFD), accountability and ESG disclosure
  • Corporate emission reductions and hard-to-abate sectors

The deadline for submission is 30 September 2021. You can access the Call for papers and find further information HERE.



All times are in CET (Brussels time)



9:00 – 9.10


  • Baback Yazdani - Professor and Executive Dean, Nottingham Business School, NTU & Chair of the Board of Directors, ABIS
  • Karolina Sobczak - Knowledge Manager, ABIS

9:10 – 9:30

Session 1. Keynote speech – Mobilizing investment for a sustainable future

9:30 - 10:30

Session 2. Panel discussion: Responsible Investing - challenges and opportunities

10:30 – 10:45


10:45 – 12:30

Session 3. Research presentations

12:30 – 13:30


13:30 – 14:30

Session 4. Impact Workshops – Interactive breakout sessions

14:30 – 14:45


14:45 – 15:45

Session 5. Investors as changemakers – making it work

15:45 – 16:00



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