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Jason Chang
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Jason Chang

Innovation and Business Development Specialist

Jason is the Innovation and Business Development Specialist at ABIS, where he helps manage, select and further improve innovation in the organization. He is involved in the execution of projects for ABIS’ stakeholders, at the same time monitoring and evaluating its impacts. Additionally, Jason helps formulate and develop innovation strategies in the organization, informing decisions on which projects to develop and invest in. His role also concerns ensuring that together with the team, they build a creative vision for the future with a flow of ideas in the pipeline.

Prior, Jason was in the humanitarian field as a project officer working on areas of gender and refugees. He continually participates in movements and organizations with a vested interest in delivering social impact.

Jason graduated with a Masters from the University of Warwick in International Cultural Policy and Management.

Avenue Louise 231
1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium

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